Susan Warner

Realosphere- Adding Listing Agreements and Supporting Documents

It is really easy to add your listing agreements into realosphere. Create your contact then create the new listing transaction from your contact record and upload your documents. All of your listings must go into realosphere. Check out the video and reach out to me or Rich if you have any trouble!

Agent Focus Tip #4

Take videos  of your listings for social media!  Doing short videos will give potential buyers the chance to get a good look at your listing.  The internet also loves videos and they get lots of views.  Posting to linkedin, facebook and to your website will help establish you as a local expert.  Also consider taking […]

Realosphere Basics- Adding a contact, Creating a Transaction and Creating a Closing

Keeping track of all of your contacts, transactions and closings in one place is so efficient and easy to do in Realosphere.    The first step is to create a contact in realosphere.  Watch this short video or follow the instructions in the Realosphere Basics 1.0 link below.  You will also see how to create […]

Agent Focus Tip #2- Using Matrix Last Portal Visit

Go into matrix and under the matrix tab click on contacts.  Here you can see all of your contacts who you have searches set up for.  Click on Last Portal Visit and you can see who has recently visited their portal and who is actively looking at listings.  Make this your call list for the […]

Agent Focus Tip #1- Realosphere list view

Go into your contacts in realosphere and pull up your leads view.  (*You can do this activity with any of your contacts in realosphere on a regular basis*) Call, email or text to follow up and touch base with each one.  Record your notes on the right hand side under Activity.  It will keep […]